Eagle Mountain Tree Farm Inc.
1463 South Belknap Street
Mexia, Texas 76667
254-562-7929 phone
254-562-5036 fax
Eagle Mountain Tree Farm Inc. is a family-owned
and operated business located in Mexia, Texas.  
We have been in the industry since 1999 with
over 200 acres in production.  We offer a variety
of trees of the highest quality.   Eagle Mountain  
specializes in primarily B&B trees.

We at Eagle Moutain Tree Farm take great pride
in bringing you well-developed, disease-free,
quality trees at a very competitive price for
today's market.

We invite your inspection of the professional
manner in which our plants are dug, balled and
burlapped in order to bring you a more saleable
and livable product for your customers.